Our offer

We offer professional translations for the following languages:
German - English - Polish - Italian - Spanish

our offer

We have everything in view

The challenging nature of translation has fascinated us since our student days. We started out with literary translations and have gradually added translating legal, technical and economics texts.

Quality is our promise

Our philosophy is to deliver to you the highest quality translations. We aim to achieve the natural readability of the original text in the translated version. In addition to specialized texts, we also translate standardized texts such as birth certificates, marriage certificates, testimonies and driver's licenses.

Certified translations

We are authorized translators and offer certified translations for the language combination Polish German.

Our network

Thanks to our network we are able to supply you with even simple translations in many other langauges.

Other translations

If you are looking for a job, we can provide certified translations of diplomas, certificates and letters of reference and advise you on the situation in the labor market in Germany.

An overview of the process

On receiving your order, we will immediately inform you about the duration and the price of the translation.

A survey

Below you will find some examples of the different areas of our translation work.

  • high diplomas
  • diplomas
  • letters of reference
  • birth documents
  • marriage documents
  • death certificates
  • specialized texts
  • literary texts
  • technical texts
  • legal texts

Our prices

There are flat rates, for example, 30 € for birth certificates and marriage certificates.
Concrete information on request!

Price formation

  • calculation per line
  • a line corresponds to 55 characters
  • the prices only refer to the text
  • by mailing plus postage

Delivery deadline

  • depends on the size of the text to be translated
  • shorter texts, documents and certifications can still be done on the same day

Delivery type

  • by mailing as print-out
  • by faxing
  • by e-mailing (pdf)

Contact us

For more information please send us an e-mail, a fax or just call us!


+49 (0)203 57 03 68 90

+49 (0)163 18 62 237

+49 3212 11 06 550


Karlstr. 41
D-47119 Duisburg